While Karen Wang continues to lick her wounds and contemplate a potential run as an independent candidate, the Liberal Party has already moved on.

Karen Wang was ousted as a Liberal Party candidate after she attempted to get the Chinese community to vote for her because of her ethnicity.

Since then, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called the comments “unacceptable” and the party has ditched her for a brand spanking new candidate.

The candidate, Richard T. Lee, a former British Columbia member of legislature was announced earlier today by the Liberal Party.

Lee has “also served as a Parliamentary Secretary and became the first Chinese-Canadian to serve as Deputy Speaker of the Legislature,” as the Liberal Party website made sure to point out.

The haste that the party announced another candidate might serve to indicate how desperately Justin Trudeau wants to win the Burnaby South seat and beat Jagmeet Singh.

Some people seem to think that the Liberals would benefit from an NDP win, but I beg to differ.

My opinion is that Trudeau’s end goal for the 2019 election is the crippling, or total demise of the NDP party and the total domination of the left-wing by the Liberals.

The Burnaby South byelection is the perfect battleground to deal a crushing blow to the NDP because it has been it has been a stronghold for the party in the last several federal elections.

A Jagmeet Singh defeat in Burnaby South would cause a total loss of confidence in the leadership within the party and signal to the nation that the Liberals are the only electable left-wing party capable of keeping the Conservatives out of power.

Others like Charlie Smith from The Georgia Straight, predicted the Liberals would run another candidate after Wang’s resignation and even named Mr. Lee as a potential choice because “he would solidify Chinese support in the riding”.

Despite our Prime Minister’s holier than thou words, the Liberals are still intent on cashing in on ethnopolitics, but prefer that nobody talks about it.