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DZSURDZSA: Justin Trudeau will be forever known as the “strings-attached” prime minister
Justin Trudeau

DZSURDZSA: Justin Trudeau will be forever known as the “strings-attached” prime minister 

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The Liberal government is generous, but generosity that’s only reserved for one’s friends is not a virtue.

Justin Trudeau will forever be known as the “strings-attached” prime minister.

When the Liberals rolled out their Canada Summer Jobs program, it came with strings attached.

In an attestation to Canada Summer Jobs that barred organizations that had differing views on abortion from getting government funds, the Liberals proved that they wanted students to find jobs, but only in fields that will further the party’s ideological goals.

When the Liberals offered legacy media a $600 million bailout, it came with strings attached.

After Jody Wilson-Raybould’s telling testimony before the justice committee, it was revealed that the prime minister’s own Chief of Staff, Katie Telford was ready to call upon the Liberal battalion of columnists and journalists ready to spin the government’s decision in a positive light if the minister would only do what she was told.

As Greame Gordon pointed out in his seminal investigative report for The Post Millennial, a large number of journalists have directly or indirectly benefit from the government’s patronage.

Clearly, $600 million goes a long way and Liberal generosity must be repaid.

When the Liberal government promised the country a “diverse” cabinet, it came with strings attached.

Again this became extremely apparent with their treatment of the first indigenous female Justice Minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould, who was “kicked in the teeth” as her father aptly put it once she wasn’t willing to go along with the prime minister’s demands.

There are numerous people and organizations who have benefited from the Liberal government’s handouts and it’s a list that likely reaches into every sector of Canadian society.

However, with the Liberals there are those who bask in the warmth of sunny ways, and there are those who get frozen out.

There are people like the indigenous communities left without running water and with homes infested by mould.

They are the 170,000 Albertans out of work because of an ailing oil economy and false promises.

They are the homeless of Toronto, struggling to find spaces to sleep and stay warm while thousands of illegal immigrants flood into the city’s shelters.

If the Trudeau government will be remembered for one thing it will be for their generosity towards their friends and for their ice cold indifference where it counted.

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