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Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen recently called the Conservative plan for the border “half-baked”.

The Conservative’s plan is to close the Safe Third Country Agreement loophole which allows for massive flows of illegal immigrants across Canada’s border at “irregular” points of entry like the one at Roxham Road.

“They don’t have a plan. You know what their plan is? To militarize the border and place a CBSA official or RCMP official every 100 metres,” said Ahmed Hussen about the CPC.

Minister Hussen is disingenuous when he suggests that the Conservatives intend on militarizing the entire Canada-U.S. border. They’ve expressed no such desire.

The truth is that in 2018, 96 per cent of illegal entries into Canada took place along the border into Quebec, a majority of these happening at the controversial Roxham Road crossing point.

In reality, the entire border doesn’t need to be protected, but areas that have been made significantly easier to cross with the help of the Liberal government do.

You see the Liberals would rather employ the RCMP and the Canadian military in making the crossing into Canada easier, than preventing any further illegal entries.

Hussen seems to think that the correct use of the Canadian army is to help build massive refugee camps instead of maybe helping guard for our national security.

The Liberal plan: no money for border security but spend lavishly on refugee hotels and social services

Do you know what the Liberal plan is? It’s to readily allow nearly 20,000 people per year to flow into our country unabated.

Apparently, we don’t have the resources to secure one small fraction of our border, but we have the resources to spend $14,000 per refugee who crosses into Canada.

Do the math, if this continues indefinitely, as it seems it likely will while Justin Trudeau is still in power, the cost on Canadian taxpayers will be astronomical and unsustainable.

The Liberals don’t want the inflow to stop, they’re hoping to make things easier for illegal immigrants.

Their plan is to set up tents and intake centers. They instead want to fund “pre-arrival” services making things more enticing for those intending to take advantage of Canadian generosity.

Ahmed Hussen would rather see that 40% of Toronto homeless shelters are occupied by refugees, driving Canadians out onto the bitter cold streets, or to put them up in lavish hotels, paid for by the taxpayer.

The Liberal plan: claim there’s no border crisis, while throwing hush money at residents and provinces most affected

The Liberal plan is to throw money at residents most impacted by their disastrous open border policy and hope that they shut up.

Only last month it was revealed that residents along Roxham Road were silently paid up to $25,000 by the federal government for the “traffic increase” caused by illegal border crossings.           

Ahmed Hussen’s plan is to tell people to “shut up, take the government’s money and look away”. 

This isn’t only happening on the individual level, the Liberals have also promised Quebec $140 million to compensate the province for the costs it has incurred dealing with the federal government’s border failures.

It seems that Trudeau and his peers prefer to act like the mob instead of the government of a respectable democratic nation.

The Liberal plan: call everyone racist while keeping the problem out of the media

The Liberal plan is to keep the border crisis out of the news in the hope that they make it through the next election.

At the same time, they hope to call all tangible criticisms racist or xenophobic, when in reality they are the ones most contributing to negative perceptions of immigrants.

The mainstream media has been happy to play along, accommodating the Liberal policing of language which includes Ahmed Hussen’s own staff trying to correct journalists on the proper usage of the term “irregular border crossers”.

I know because I’ve experienced it myself.

What Trudeau doesn’t realize is that this problem won’t go away and Canadians have expressed their desire for a solution. However to this day, the Liberals fail to have a solution.

Well, Minister Hussen, a plan that is half-baked is better than a plan intent on jeopardizing the very well-being of Canadian society and prosperity.