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Shortly after the Sunshine List was released, detailing all of the public servants earning over $100,000 a year, Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government is considering capping raises for the sector.

“When we talk about controlling spending or managing expenditures, we must realize that a central component to this conversation is public sector compensation,” said Peter Bethlenfalvy, President of the Treasury Board.

According to him, around $72 billion is spent by the province in compensating its public service.

The 2018 Sunshine List saw a growth of nearly 2,000 individuals being added to it since 2017, meaning that many individuals received raises or were employed to earn over $100k.

The Ontario government will be conducting a review and wide-spread consultations to determine the best route to approach the wage cap and curb excessive wage spending.

The move is part of an attempt by the PC government to deliver on its promise of eliminating the provinces excessive $13.5-billion deficit with grew during the tenure of former Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne.