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Do we need a “victims of social justice” memorial website?
Do we need a "victims of social justice" memorial website?

Do we need a “victims of social justice” memorial website? 

Two time US pairs champion John Coughlin was recently suspended from figure skating after allegations of misconduct surfaced on social and traditional media. On January 4th, a YouTube channel called The Skating Lesson uploaded a screenshot of the allegations to Facebook. Social media took over and mobbed the 33-year-old man. They called him an abuser, pervert, and a rapist. Fourteen days later, Coughlin went to his father’s house in Kansas City, fastened a noose, and ended his life.

Coughlin’s coach, Dalilah Sappenfield, blamed the social justice mob for his death. She told the Daily Mail that “being shunned for allegations not proven was something I knew was hard for him to live with, but the mere rumor of assault and not being given the chance to defend himself is what sent him over the edge.”

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