During a vote on the 2019 budget, the Liberals might have been caught sleeping by the opposition.

Conservative MPs are alleging dozens of Liberals were ineligible to vote on a spending provision earlier this afternoon during the filibuster.

Members must be in the House when a vote is called to be eligible to vote. The Opposition says Liberals did not have enough members present and those votes of the alleged 52 stragglers should not count.

Rising on a point of order shortly after 5pm EST, Conservative MP Larry Maguire asked the speaker to review the video to see who was present or not when the disputed vote was called.

The speaker said he would take the request ‘under advisement’.
Voting continues in the Commons as the Conservative filibuster has eclipsed 24 hours.

The filibuster was triggered by Conservatives after the government voted against a motion to allow former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould to testify a second time on the SNC-Lavalin matter.

The filibuster is a line-by-line vote on budgetary spending items; each considered a confidence vote in the government.