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Dear Justin Trudeau: ISIS terrorists must be stripped of Canadian citizenship
Trudeau calls out Conservatives 138 different times

Dear Justin Trudeau: ISIS terrorists must be stripped of Canadian citizenship 

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Justin Trudeau loves saying “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian,” as if that repetition of words actually means anything of substance.

Trudeau applies that rhetoric even to ISIS terrorists, as he and his cronies forced through the repeal of a law passed by the Conservatives which allowed terrorists to be stripped of Canadian Citizenship.

Rather than defending the safety of Canadians, Trudeau decided to defend the “rights” of ISIS terrorists, who are now allowed to keep their Canadian citizenship and make demands on our country—despite having fought for an evil organization that wants to destroy Canada and murder millions of Canadians.

Now, a new survey shows the vast majority of Canadians rejecting Trudeau’s empty rhetoric.

According to a Nanos Research poll, over 70 percent of Canadians say that any “Canadian” who travelled to the mid-east to fight for ISIS, or lived in ISIS territory, should be stripped of Canadian Citizenship. Just 20 percent disagreed with that.

Additionally, when asked whether ISIS wives should be allowed to return, 66 percent said they should be banned from Canada, and not allowed to return to our country.

The survey showed Canadians reacting differently to the idea of bringing orphans (who have Canadian Citizenship) of ISIS terrorists back to Canada. About 60 percent supported bringing them to Canada, while 36 percent are opposed. This differing view makes sense, as adults who join ISIS are complicit in the crimes of ISIS, while children are not.

What this shows is that—while most people may not publicly criticize Trudeau’s “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” rhetoricCanadian common sense rejects the agenda Trudeau is pushing.

Canadians know that when someone leaves our country to fight for an enemy of Canada, then that person forfeits their right to be a Canadian citizen, and deserves to be stripped of their citizenship and banned from Canada.

And while some on the radical far left may complain about “the Charter” or “human rights,” the fact is that Canadians have the sovereign right to create our own national laws, and decide who is and who isn’t allowed into our country, as well as control who is and who isn’t allowed to be a Canadian citizen.

The reality is that Justin Trudeau is putting his “woke” political correctness ahead of the safety of the Canadian People, which is only the latest example of the Liberal Imperialists denigrating the needs of real citizens in favour of people who hate everything our nation stands for.

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