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David Letterman to Kanye West: “you don’t have a say in this”
David Letterman to Kanye West: "you don't have a say in this"

David Letterman to Kanye West: “you don’t have a say in this” 

David Letterman launched the second series of his Netflix chat show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” with a bang last week. His first guest of the series was the embattled icon and artist Kanye West. It’s a highly entertaining episode with some charming moments, including Kanye dressing up Letterman in Yeezy swag, Kim approving of the look, and some genuinely insightful moments regarding the nature of creativity and the challenges of bipolarity.

In a cultural moment where so many people end up cancelled because the social crimes of their views or actions are tried and convicted in the court of public opinion—from which there is no redemption or exoneration—Kanye West’s candor is a welcome respite. He takes inspiration from comedian Andy Kaufman, who performed on Letterman’s show a number of times, taking from his work the idea that “you can take your energy from people telling you you can’t do stuff.”

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