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Curb damaged by city truck 26 years ago to be repaired by 2037
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Curb damaged by city truck 26 years ago to be repaired by 2037 

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On January 26, 1993, Calvin Hawley discovered that the curb outside his home had been wrecked by a snow removal machine.

“I came home from the hospital … and discovered a large chunk of curb under a whole whack of snow,” says Hawley, who lives on Tyrone Bay in St. Vital, Manitoba.

Hawley says he remembers the incident clearly, as it was the day his son was born.

Nearly thirty years later, Hawley says the curb situation has become comical to him. 

“It is kinda funny when you think about. It will be a grand day when they actually come out,” he told CBC.

After dozens of calls to the city later, Hawley has come close to giving up on his dreams of a new curb.

“One time they told me the system for logging complaints had changed and my previous complaints weren’t on record…It’s not even jagged cement anymore. It’s been here so long, it’s weathered to a smooth state.”

Hawley says the final straw came on July 1, 2017, as he was woken up by the sound of City of Winnipeg crews on his street.

“I was watching crews merrily drive past the front of my driveway to stop and repair other curbs on the other side of the bay that weren’t as damaged as mine or as old.”

Finally, after decades of complaints to the city, Hawley has a date for when the curb will be fixed by. June 26, 2037.

“It’s 26 years old right now, if you do the math and they don’t get around to doing it until their target date of 2037. Then this is damage that would have sat here for [44] years. How is that reasonable?” Hawley said.

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