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Coronavirus in China confirmed contagious by human-to-human transmission
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Coronavirus in China confirmed contagious by human-to-human transmission 

Health officials in Beijing have confirmed two cases of a new coronavirus today. An additional case has been reported in Shenzhen by authorities in the province of Guangdong. This is the first confirmation that the newfound virus has spread domestically beyond the central city of Wuhan. A city that all three carriers had recently visited according to authorities. China has reported 139 cases of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus. There have been three deaths due to the virus and there is now confirmation that it has spread past the city it was first identified in.

Over the weekend the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission received 136 new patients of those one person died, two are in critical condition and 33 are in serious condition. The new patients diagnosed Saturday and Sunday have brought the total number of people in China to 201. A giant leap from only 62 reported prior to the weekend. A total of 14 health care workers have now been infected as well as a result of treating infected patients.

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