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CNN LGBTQ town hall reveals the madness of identity politics

CNN LGBTQ town hall reveals the madness of identity politics 

CNN hosted a town hall dedicated specifically to LGBTQ issues last night. It featured all of the candidates of note running for the Democratic presidential nomination (except, of course, Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard because the folks at CNN are corporatist shills). By now, the alphabet soup of identities should be well-known to anyone that’s paying attention. While L, G, B, and T are pretty clear, though also different, Q is perhaps the least understood of the identities. But it was entirely the Q that was on display last night. 

Q stands for queer, and while queer could encompass all of the other letters, what differentiates it is that it is entirely a political identity, and not a sexual orientation or gender identity. Speaking to Toby Young on the Quillette podcast, author Douglas Murray defines queer. “People who say they’re queer … think that being attracted to members of their own sex is just the first stage in a wider political campaign, such as bringing down … cis heteronormative patriarchy.” Queer is the political arm of LGBT, and it often fights its battles with pitchforks and torches.

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