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CBC’s 22 Minutes called out for fat-shaming Doug Ford
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CBC’s 22 Minutes called out for fat-shaming Doug Ford 

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The CBC’s comedy show, This Hour Has 22 Minutes appears to have rubbed some social media users the wrong way, after posting a tweet which fat-shamed Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

On Tuesday, the Twitter account for the CBC comedy posted “Ontario Premier Doug Ford says he will not run for leader of the Conservative Party. But he will run for a hot dog dangling from a string.”

Within moments, a significant number of Twitter users, including prominent Conservatives, attacked the comments for shameless making fun of the Premier’s weight.

Former Saskatchewan Premier posted in response that the joke was lame and an unfunny gratuitous personal insult, while also pointing out the fact that 22 Minutes is funded through Canadian tax dollars.

The wife of former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper also commented that fat-shaming was not funny, while also describing the writer of the tweet as “pathetic.”

Some even described the program as “government-funded bullies,” for their willingness to attack the Premier for his body size.

Others like Melissa Lantsman though just called the program out for becoming a sad rendition of what it used to be.

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