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CBC misinforms Canadians by publishing Manitoba poll with anti-Conservative skew
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CBC misinforms Canadians by publishing Manitoba poll with anti-Conservative skew 

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The CBC has retracted an earlier story which placed the ruling Manitoba Conservatives in a dead heat with the NDP for the upcoming election.

The archived version of the story’s headline was “NDP and PCs in ‘dead heat’ heading into Manitoba election, poll suggests.”

The poll in the article was done by Converso Research, who later admitted that the data was inaccurate.

In reality, the Conservatives—who are polling at 35 percent—are far ahead of the NDP who only have 21 percent of the vote.

The discrepancy was believed to have been caused by overweighing results from northern Manitoba, according to the pollsters.

“The discrepancy was caused by an over-weighting of responses from northern Manitoba,” said the company’s managing director Carl Mavromichalis.

The original article reporting on the results was published by the CBC early Friday morning at 6 a.m. and was edited several hours after the article had been widely circulated.

Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine shows that the article was still unedited by 1:27 p.m. that afternoon.

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