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The Post Millennial provides opinion pieces commenting on world affairs. Thus, as a free media project, we focus on providing those opinions from across the political spectrum. Beyond this we are trying to provide a platform for engaging and constructive debates or comments. Due to The Post Millennial's nature, we must stress the importance of being a free, encompassing platform.  News is not simply factual, and there is great value in hearing multiple perspectives.  To illustrate this content, we hope that by showcasing a plethora of opinions side by side it will incite cooperation and a more informed readership.  No matter where your values lie on the political spectrum.

An interesting new story on foreignpolicy.com found that the interior ministers of German states will discuss and vote on a proposal to repatriate Syrian refugees once their asylum status ended. 
If a business owner can’t afford the upcoming minimum-wage spike which is one of the largest in the province's history, they do not deserve to keep operating, or so said Barrie MPP Ann Hoggarth.
Living here in Canada, we often forget all that it has taken to establish the best country on earth. The prosperity, liberty, choice, and opportunity that Canadians have, put us amongst the most fortunate human beings of all time.
Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday. Trump also promised to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The move was a promise Trump made during the 2016 presidential election.
Canadians are proud, and sometimes comically kind people. Of Which I am a proud member. But sometimes people do take advantage of our cultural niceties, and that is why I believe it's time Canadians became outraged and showed it. 
There is an old adage that Canadian prime ministers have two key jobs. One job is to maintain good economic relations with the United States and the other is to keep Quebec from separating. Quebec separatism remains on the wane. However, Justin Trudeau isn't doing very well on the trade file with the United States.
Yesterday Vice published an article which called out Andrew Scheer, his campaign manager Hamish Marshell, his campaign organizer Georganne Burke, and even the digital director for his campaign, Stephen Taylor for islamophobic actions. But were they truthful?
Most Canadians sadly miss what occurs in the house of commons or even on the news. That is why I've put together a compilation video covering the recent discussions on Omar Khadr, and returning ISIS terrorists.
Canada's men and woman in uniform seem to receive no respect in Canada as our government continues to expect they perform in high-stress environments with near to no support.
When Morneau and Trudeau and Bronfman gather at some villa in the south of France, they probably sip chardonnays and discuss trust funds or share prices or tax havens, and not the plight of the downtrodden and oppressed.
Justin Trudeau's Liberals are not doing very well on the international trade file. Trudeau left a recent meeting aimed at resuscitating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) without a deal in hand. NAFTA re-negotiations are purportedly not doing well.
A startling report in the French language paper Journal de Montreal shows Liberal MP Sherry Romanado made extremely aggressive and disgusting comments on a Facebook post in regards to an obese individual.
One plaintiff, Christopher Fragnito, son of an aboriginal mother and an Italian father, says the Mohawk band council has created “an atmosphere of hate,” making it socially difficult for people in his situation to live peacefully on the reserve. He points to acts of vandalism and picketing as evidence of the tensions he and others in his situation endure.
A startling new report shows that Canada Revenue Agency has been lying to Canadians with diabetes on changes to how it assesses applications for the disability tax credit.
The sad story of a star candidate turned political train wreck.
In preparation for this column, I have been scouring social media for fake news. I knew that there was a lot of dishonest articles and posts but I can say that the level of dishonesty is what surprised me. During my search, I stumbled across Proud Trumpers.
Bill Morneau's multitude of ethical lapses over the last five months has put a second Liberal majority in doubt. In fact, we may now see a future in which we ask “can the Liberals be re-elected at all?”
Justin Trudeau is now punishing Canadian troops while simultaneously increasing the threat of terror within Canada.
The Trudeau government seems to truly believe that convicted terrorist deserve to keep their citizenship.
Michael Flynn, Former National Security Advisor to the Trump Administration has pleaded guilty Friday to making false statements to the FBI in connection with the accusations that the administration colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

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