Edmonton councillors have voted to impose a one−year moratorium on any new combative sports events in the city following the June death of a boxer.
Canadians are proud, and sometimes comically kind people. Of Which I am a proud member. But sometimes people do take advantage of our cultural niceties, and that is why I believe it's time Canadians became outraged and showed it. 
A municipal ban on sexual touching in strip clubs is putting sex workers at risk, hampering their ability to make money and denigrating their autonomy, according to some activists in London, Ont.
One plaintiff, Christopher Fragnito, son of an aboriginal mother and an Italian father, says the Mohawk band council has created “an atmosphere of hate,” making it socially difficult for people in his situation to live peacefully on the reserve. He points to acts of vandalism and picketing as evidence of the tensions he and others in his situation endure.
A heart−rending case involving a Halifax−area boy has triggered new calls for a national strategy to help families with children who can become violently aggressive because of severe autism. 
Sheikh Imam Tawhid, ‘The Imam of Peace’ recently posted on Twitter criticizing the RCMP's decision under the Trudeau government to delete 5000 filled questionnaires which were given to Muslim asylum seekers.
A pro−gun lobby that was criticized for planning a rally at a memorial site for the 14 women killed at Ecole polytechnique has a new location for the event: a sugar shack.
An Ontario New Democrat is calling for Nov. 20 to be enshrined in law as an annual Trans Day of Remembrance.
In this video, William broke discusses the Wilfrid Laurier Fiasco.
A national advocacy group is pushing for the government to repeal immigration criteria that it calls discriminatory toward people with disabilities.
A shocking story in Ottawa recently showed a man had been found not guilty of sexually assaulting his wife because of his honest belief that he had the right to have intercourse with her whenever he wanted.
A Quebec−based company is touting seal as "the Canadian Superfood," promoting the "unique" taste and nutritional benefits.
Quebec universities are reviewing their sexual−violence policies following the introduction of a provincial bill that would require them to develop guidelines for intimate relationships between students and faculty.
A Quebec education bill that gives the province greater powers to enforce compulsory school attendance is getting a passing grade from the communities it most affects.
Patriotic Dad provides commentary on the harmful rhetoric that has been coming from the Alberta NDP recently.
The city of Toronto has just introduced a new program that will hire only Muslims to work in the offices of City Councillors. 
A Winnipeg man has started a petition to make singing the national anthem mandatory before every flight within Canada. 
An evangelical Christian couple is accusing Alberta of discrimination, claiming their application to adopt a child was rejected over their religious views on gay marriage and homosexuality.
A newly available internal government survey suggests Canadian attitudes towards immigration could be hardening.
Alberta is proposing new legislation to ensure that students who join gay-straight alliances in school are not outed without their permission.

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