The field of hopefuls for the leadership of British Columbia’s Liberal party has been cut by one.
Gutierrez is a fine example of what happens to academics who have been educated under the umbrella of cultural Marxism, and who cannot view any subject except through the lens of racism/misogyny/colonialism. Here we see the bottom of the slippery slope that begins with the premise that “equality” means equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity.
Growing uncertainty over the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement means companies need to brace themselves, including for the possibility that President Donald Trump walks away from a deal, a trade lawyer is warning the business community.
The UCP website has posted and crowned Jason Kenney as the new leader of the UCP over an hour before results have come in. We have provided the screenshot below.
Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil says he believes the responsibility for an inquiry into the death of Afghan war veteran Lionel Desmond and three of his family members rests with Ottawa.
Now it seems that to deal with this large influx the government has decided to lower the bar for accepting asylum cases as 69 percent of cases have been accepted when crossing the U.S. - Canada border.
A judge has rejected an attempt to put a stop to Quebec’s provincial long−gun registry.
The Liberal government is finalizing its 2018 immigration plan, which will aim to balance the new refugee crisies with higher immigration numbers. 
Rehab Dughmosh who is accused of assaulting and threatening employees with a knife at a Canadian Tire in Scarborough made her first appearance in Ontario Superior Court Wednesday.
Naheed Nenshi is likely to lose his bid for a third term as mayor of Calgary tomorrow. His high tax governance during a severe economic recession in the Stampede city has played a major role in the election.
Finance Minister Bill Morneau said Tuesday that the government will review the feedback it received on its controversial three-part tax plan during a 75-day consultation period that ended Monday.
A second poll now has the Conservatives beating the Liberals.
The problem with being elected solely on charisma is that it is easy for the bloom to come off the rose.
There were 32,000 asylum seekers who have arrived in Canada since the beginning of 2017. A stark increase from the 24,000 in 2016.
The Trudeau government has spent around $13.7 million on social media advertising since coming into power.
This is the first lead the Conservatives have taken in national polling since Andrew Scheer succeeded Stephen Harper as permanent leader of the Conservatives.
The outcome of raising the minimum wage has been to hurt poor people.
As North Korea Goes Nuclear Canada Joins Talks As North Korea continues to test nuclear weapons adding to regional tensions, Canada may become a larger player in diplomatic discussions. Canada’s ambassador to China, John McCallum said that Beijing is angry with...
A new Reuters article states that U.S. trade negotiators will only partially show their NAFTA proposal, likely underlying the cautious pace of talks that are supposed to wrap up by the end of the year.
Doctors working in the emergency department at Thunder Bay Regional Hospital have announced that if the Trudeau government moves forward with the newly proposed tax changes, many will be poised to resign, retire or relocate.

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