In a viral Facebook post from yesterday, a series of issues outlined “What is Canada’s Yellow Vest Protest About?”

The post has nearly 20 thousand shares as of the time of writing.

The yellow vest movement or “Gilets Jaunes” began in France mid-November where protestors flooded the streets of Paris to protest taxes and extremely high costs of living.

Since then the movement has spread throughout other areas of France and neighboring countries including Belgium. Today the movement is generally perceived as a populist uprising against EU policies and festering economic mismanagement.

Now it seems that the movement has crossed the ocean and has been imported into Canada.

According to the Facebook post some of the main issues that the Canadian movement is concerned with are immigration, energy independence and the maintenance of national sovereignty.

More specifically specific issues are raised about the UN Migration Pact and the construction of Canadian pipelines.

Although the Canadian protests are nowhere near the scale of France’s, yellow vests have appeared in several cities across Canada including Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton and Halifax.

The protests in Calgary were the most successful of all of these since several hundred people attended.

Anti-carbon tax sentiment is especially high in Calgary as the province of Alberta is facing historically low prices on its oil.

The movement seems to have crystallized both on the streets and online.

The “Yellow Vests Canada” Facebook group has surpassed 100,000 followers as of late and seems to be an organizing centre for the movement.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by the group’s creator Tyler Malenfant for the protests asking for $4,000 to “buy Physical Possessions that Will Benefit the movement for a long Time to come because these things can be Used Over And Over And Over Again. [sic]”

Among the possessions listed on the page to be acquired are yellow vests, megaphones, audio equipment and professional video equipment.