A University of New Brunswick Professor went down a Twitter-hole today, culminating in a message which suggests pro-free speech activists on campus should be hounded and lose their jobs, while also describing the lived experience of an Iranian-Canadian as the “weaponizing of race.”

Matthew A. Sears began his tirade by calling out every white supremacist, as well as every blogger, YouTuber, and politician that has inspired them.

The professor went so far as to state they should be fired, have their faces plastered publicly, and hounded from restaurants. It appears Sears was attempting to incite a mob.


He went onto call out every “shitlord” on campus who provide a platform for “white supremacists” under the banner of “free speech.”

In effect, putting together young free-speech activists on campus, entertainers big and small, alongside actual white supremacists.

Interestingly, all the way through, Sears assumed the gender of the supposed individuals involved.

Sears continued his Twitter-storm by claiming that “Canadian values” should include calling out things he determines to be “white supremacy.”

He then pointed out that he would feel comfortable if students he referred to as “MAGA-hat-wearing wankers” did not feel comfortable on campus.

Some individuals pushed back against the incendiary rhetoric spewed by Sears. Twitter user Kaveh Shahrooz, pointed out how close the comments made by Sears, came to the anti-freedom environment in Iran.

Sears first responded with a tweet which he later deleted, and then a series of messages which culminated in him stating Shahrooz was “weaponizing” his race.

Yes, Sears really said that.

In one of his last tweets of this debacle, Sears retreated to a position of defence, suggesting that his own job was in jeopardy as a result of exercising his preposterous opinion.

Editor’s Note: We reached out to the University asking for a comment, but have received no response as of publication. We will update the article should we receive one.

Ironically, Sears got a taste of the medicine he was prescribing for others. So he immediately defaulted to playing the victim.

Perhaps it’s not a good idea to harass and hound people out of their job after all.

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