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Canada should bring back the death penalty

Canada should bring back the death penalty 

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The nationwide manhunt for two suspected murderers has gripped Canadians.

And while everyone is waiting to see how events will be brought to a conclusion, there are also questions to be asked about what will happen if they are captured alive, and found guilty.

In that scenario, Canadian taxpayers would be on the hook for sheltering, feeding, entertaining, clothing, and caring for those individuals in prison, just as taxpayers are on the hook for the worst of the worst within the “justice” system.

Meanwhile, many Canadian Veterans are homeless, many Canadian seniors are struggling in poverty, many Indigenous communities don’t have clean drinking water (while prisons have clean drinking water), and the hypocrisies go on and on.

Basically, we live in a country where some of the most vicious and vile killers and criminals get taken care of at taxpayer expense, while people who served our nation, people who followed the law, and people who seek a good standard of living are abandoned.

That is unacceptable.

The question then is what to do about it.

First, we need to make sure our own innocent citizens are taken care of. That means slashing foreign aid, and redirecting those billions of dollars towards Canadian Citizens in need.

Second, we need to bring back the death penalty for the worst of the worst, in cases where guilt is obvious and undeniable.

It’s simply outrageous that horrific killers can get a lifetime of taxpayer-funded service, which ends up being incredibly costly.

Additionally, the lack of the death penalty, combined with the pathetically weak laws that even give people like Mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonette the chance to apply for parole (after 40 years) revictimizes the families of those who were killed. That’s because when parole hearings take place, family members often have to go and argue against someone getting released, forcing them to deal with the brutal loss of their family member all over again.

So, instead of revictimizing families of those who are murdered, instead of spending hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars on caring for despicable killers, we should instead bring back the death penalty.

Properly applied, the death penalty sends a clear message that those who brutally take the lives of innocent people will lose their lives in return. And it sends the message that we prioritize the rights of victims of crime and the families of victims of crime ahead of killers.

Canada’s justice system has been anti-victim and weak for far too long. It’s time to bring back the death penalty.

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