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Cambridge University bows down to SJW profs and rescinds Jordan Peterson invitation 

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Cambridge University has rescinded a fellowship offer for Canadian Professor and free-speech advocate Dr. Jordan Peterson after students and faculty expressed outrage over the invitation.

Peterson announced the original invitation on his Youtube channel Monday. The Canadian professor was originally supposed to be a visiting fellow at the UK university for two months before they changed their mind.

Several professors and students expressed outrage after it was announced that the Canadian academic might be visiting. One Professor of Literature, Dr. Priyamvada Gopal took to calling Peterson an “authoritative white” man.

One PhD student, Lieske Huits, suggested that Jordan Peterson was a “hatemongering” individual.

Jordan Peterson has been criticized for his views on gendered pronouns, free speech and left-wing activism. Several of his events and speeches have been targeted by activists seeking to deplatform the Canadian academic.

Peterson, who has been cited academically over 11,000 times gained world-wide fame after publicly criticizing Bill C-14, an amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act which added transgenderism to a number of protected identities.

Dr. Jordan Peterson testified alongside lawyer D. Jared Brown in front of the Senate on May 17th, 2017 and argued that the law would effectively compel speech by requiring people to use preferred gender pronouns.

Since then Peterson has lectured around the globe on various topics including philosophy, psychology and politics.

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