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Calgary man charged with murder of three-month-old son released on bail

Calgary man charged with murder of three-month-old son released on bail 

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Anthony Karl Kurucz of Calgary is out on bail only one year after he was charged with the murder of his 3-month-old son.

According to Global News, the prosecution consented to his release while he awaits sentencing.

The conditions of his bail include not possessing a weapon or firearm, staying in Alberta, not contacting any of the witnesses, and not contacting anyone under the age of 14.

In 2018, Kurucz was charged with second-degree murder following the injury of his son on April 25 and his subsequent two days later.

Police were contacted following the child’s injury while he was alone with his father. First responders say the child was unconscious when they found.

The nature of these injuries are not clear, but medical staff and police do not believe the injuries could have been accidental.

 “The story provided to medical staff by the child’s father was not consistent with the medical symptoms the child was showing,” police said in 2018. A child abuse unit was brought in to investigate, and the case was deemed a homicide.

 Kurucz next scheduled court appearance is October 21.

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