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Calgary Conservative MP accuses Liberal opponent of spreading defamatory misinformation about him

Calgary Conservative MP accuses Liberal opponent of spreading defamatory misinformation about him 

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Conservative candidate for Calgary Shepard, Tom Kmiec, struck back at his Liberal party opponent, Del Arnold, for spreading defamatory misinformation about him.

In a video posted to Kmiec’s Facebook and Twitter pages, he rebukes the dishonest Liberal flyers being hung on doors around Calgary Shepard.

Most of the points on the flyers are outright false or only true when lacking context. The following are just a sample of the full list.

The first point claimed that “[Tom] lives in Quebec – NOT in Calgary” which is based solely on the fact that Tom, a Polish Canadian, grew up in Quebec.

This lie is fully refuted by the fact that Tom is standing outside his own home in the video he uploaded, and there is no evidence of him owning a residence in Quebec.

Number two and three said that “[Tom] voted against the pipeline” and “He voted against purchasing the pipeline for Alberta” which is only accurate in so far that he voted against Trudeau Trans Mountain deal due to the Liberal majority blocking a Conservative probe of cost and benefits of the agreement.

Point six claims that “[Tom] denies climate change is real” which is something that the Liberals can in no way prove, and it probably simply stems from the fact that Tom disagrees with the Liberals solutions to climate change.

Mr. Kmiec told The Post Millennial in a short interview that, “I got into politics for the battle of ideas, not personalities. I am an Albertan by choice and I debate ideas without making it personal.”

Although Calgary Shepard is a safe Conservative riding, falsely attacking someone’s reputation is still a gross form of political campaigning and all Canadian parties should try and rise above those sorts of tactics.

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