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Twitter reverses ban of Lindsay Shepherd after international outrage
Lindsay Shepherd

Twitter reverses ban of Lindsay Shepherd after international outrage 

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In an unexpected move, free speech activist and Post Millennial columnist Lindsay Shepherd has been reinstated by Twitter. 

Twitter first suspended Shepherd after she got into an argument with a notorious trans woman named Jessica Yaniv who has targeted the businesses of immigrant women who refused to wax her male genitals by lodging frivolous human rights complaints and allegedly sexually harassing multiple young girls.

As a result of calling Yaniv a “ugly fat man,” Twitter decided to permanently ban Shepherd. This deplatforming led to a series of events that eventually resulted in the world paying attention to the malicious activism of Yaniv. Later that same week, Yaniv had a publication ban on her name removed, and The Post Millennial was able to report on the various abuses Yaniv was (allegedly) responsible for: abuse of the British Columbia human rights tribunal system, abuse of immigrant women estheticians, and most disturbingly, abuse of young girls. 

The Post Millennial reached out to Shepherd who said, “I think this event shows the arbitrary nature of Twitter’s terms of service. If my account was reinstated after a permanent ban, then other decisions taken by the company could be just as subjective.”

Shepherd pointed out in a tweet that feminist Meghan Murphy still remains banned for the same ideological crime of misgendering Yaniv. Perhaps Twitter will restore her next.

The story spread far and wide, receiving coverage and attention from prominent figures such as Tim Pool, Ben Shapiro, Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump Jr., Ricky Gervais, and Jordan Peterson. The story was covered by mainstream media outlets throughout the world.

Shepherd believes that the media attention and signal-boosting by celebrities helped to bring attention to the social media platform’s unfair treatment of her: “I believe the main reason I got my account back was because a lot of people, some with big platforms, spoke out and brought attention to this, so I thank them.”

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