Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was whisked away from a Labour Day parade in Hamilton earlier this afternoon after encountering a group of indigenous protestors.

Trudeau was marching alongside the Liuna Local 837 union section of the march.

“It looks like Trudeau is trying to evade accountability on his promise to Grassy Narrows,  a key test of his commitment to build a new relationship with First Nations and the environment,” said activist group Free Grassy Narrows when contacted by The Post Millennial.

The protestors blocked the path of the parade in which Trudeau was marching preventing it from proceeding any further.

According to sources, they took issue with Trudeau’s presence in the parade.

Among those present were Indigenous rights activists holding signs that read “Justice for Grassy Narrows.” Grassy Narrows is an Indigenous community that has no access to clean drinking water.

“We want to remind Trudeau not to forget his promise to people suffering from mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows. Act now to help Grassy Narrows while it is in your power,” said Free Grassy Narrows.

“The Trudeau government has failed to deliver on his promise to Grassy Narrows. People suffering from mercury poisoning have seen no improvement in their lives and Trudeau refuses to even visit them.  Time is running out for Trudeau to show that he really cares.”

Other signs included a banner that read “No mercury!”

While Trudeau was mingling with a crowd of supporters, a large number of protestors turned out to boo the prime minister and chant “Hey hey! Ho ho! Justin Trudeau’s got to go!”

Several protestors present were from the Socialist Fightback Club, a left-wing student movement.

The march continued after the prime minister had left.