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The Dayton terrorist was a self-described “leftist” and Antifa supporter
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The Dayton terrorist was a self-described “leftist” and Antifa supporter 

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Screenshots of a Dayton man’s Twitter account appear to confirm that the shooter responsible for the horrific massacre at a Dayton restaurant was a proud leftist, according to his Twitter account’s own description.

The account, @iamthespookster, has a number of tweets placing him in the Dayton Ohio area. Photos posted by the @iamthespookster account bear a striking resemblance to confirmed photos of the shooter, and followed a number of left-wing accounts, such as the Democratic Socialists Association of Dayton. The account also liked and retweeted a number of tweets that suggested he sympathized with Antifa.

The alleged shooter account’s most recent follow was of an account by the name of “@accelerbot,” an account that retweets all mentions of “accelerationism.”

If the term accelerationism sounds familiar, there may be a reason for that. The New Zealand Mosque shooter’s lengthy manifesto was heavily peppered with the word. Accelerationism, in this sense, is defined as “the idea that violence should be used to push Western countries into becoming failed states. Adherents hope the collapse will give rise to radical, presently unthinkable changes in our society.”

A photo showing the account holder’s most recently followed account. “Accelerbot” retweets all tweets that mention the word “accelerationism.” The @accelerbot account was founded in March 2019, the same month as the New Zealand massacre. The term accelerationism was frequently used in the NZ shooter’s manifesto.

Amongst the alleged shooter’s most recent tweets are a large number of retweets from anti-fa accounts, calling out the phrase “pool’s closed” as a far-right dog whistle, anti-police force tweets, as well as a variety of anti-Trump tweets. One retweet from the account specifically denounces U.S. Congressman Ted Cruz’s stance on Antifa.

One reply shows the account replying to a Tweet asking if the Oregon shooter, a man who went into the Tecoma, Washington ICE detainment facility, was a martyr or a villain. He replies, “martyr.

Another pair of retweets appear to give a glimpse of the accountholder’s mindset, stating that “if you’re going to get accused of being a terrorist just for protesting, maybe you should think about doing terrorist shit.”

The account has remained dormant since the attack. The only change that can be observed is the number of people the account is “following.” This has been confirmed to be caused by people deleting their accounts or blocking the @Iamthespookster account. For example, the account that tweeted the “not actionable” call to arms @tacticaldipshit has since deleted his account.

A tweet retweeted by the Dayton shooter. The account which tweeted the “not actionable” call to arms has since deleted his account, thus dropping the number of people @iamthespookster is following.

This is a breaking news article and will be updated.

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