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Police prepare to remove anti-pipeline protestors from blocking train tracks
Canadian News

Police prepare to remove anti-pipeline protestors from blocking train tracks 

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Police are preparing to clear the CN Rail train tracks in Belleville, Ontario, of demonstrators who managed to halt all train travel between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, according to CBC News.

On Tuesday, police officers warned those who had gathered at the tracks that they should leave or face arrest if they did not leave. It is unclear how many protestors will actually leave willingly.

Since the protest began last Thursday, Via Rail has had to cancel 157 trips, leaving at least 24,500 passengers stranded. All freight trains carrying goods across the country are halted as well.

Although the demonstrators did not place any objects on the tracks itself, they did set up camp in a location that was too close to the tracks for the trains to pass safely.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that he would not intervene in any of the #ShutDownCanada protests. Conservative leaders, on the other hand, were outraged by Trudeau’s lack of leadership in dealing with the shutting down of major highways and railways.

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