Ontario elementary teachers’ union announces plans of work-to-rule job action

The ETFO represents 83,000 individuals in the province.
The ETFO represents 83,000 individuals in the province.

Ontario parents could be in for a strike.

The union representing school teachers across Ontario elementary schools are ready to begin work to rule job action as early as November 26th.

Work to rule action involves following the exact wording of contracts, which in many cases exclude vast tasks required to keep a school functioning.

The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario represents 83,000 elementary public school teachers, occasional teachers and education professionals across the province.

Ninety-eight percent of union members voted for work to rule.

“Our goal is to turn up the heat on Premier Ford and his education minister, Stephen Lecce,” said Sam Hammond, ETFO president, in a news release.

“It’s critical that they finally come to contract talks prepared to address the real issues of concern: more supports for students with special needs, the protection of Ontario’s Kindergarten program and critical issues like addressing violence in schools.”