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Judge says father of 7-year-old boy can stop son’s hormone treatment
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Judge says father of 7-year-old boy can stop son’s hormone treatment 

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The judge involved in the case of a 7-year-old boy whose mother is convinced he is transgender has ruled that the father will have a say over medical decisions, including the transition of his son.

The decision comes on the heels of massive social media outcry from politicians and social commentators alike, as a jury of eleven people had originally ruled against the father, Jeffrey Younger, who was attempting to prevent James from being administered puberty blockers by the boy’s mother and doctor.

​”I want you to imagine having electronic communication with your son on FaceTime, and imagine that your ex-wife has dressed him as a drag queen to talk to you,” said Younger in a podcast interview.

“Now imagine how you would feel seeing what I believe is actual sexual abuse—I believe this is not just emotional abuse but is the very, most fundamental form of sexual abuse, tampering with the sexual identity of a vulnerable boy.”

This was all accompanied by a video taken by Jeffrey of his son James, who is seen wearing a towel on his head to simulate longer hair, to make him more like a girl.

The shocking video, titled “Mommy says I’m a girl” is two minutes of James questioning his son about his gender identity.

“You’re a boy, right?” asks the father, who is just discovering for the first time that his son had been convinced he was the opposite gender.

“No, I’m a girl,” says James in the video.

The two-minute video, which has James detail how his mother would make him wear dresses and have his nails painted, went viral, having been viewed millions of times in less than 24-hours.

In all, Judge Kim Cooks of the 255th Family District Court in Texas ruled that James Younger would remain under a “joint managing conservatorship under their parents, Jeff Younger and Anne Georgulas,” according to The Texan.

Judge Cooks also gave the two parents joint decision making over “all medical, dental, and psychiatric care for the boy,” with the judge stating that both the father and mother need to give consent in order to give puberty blockers to a child.

Cooks also issued a gag order on the father so he can’t talk about the case.

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