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Antifa protests in London following Conservative landslide win
Photo: Andy Ngo

Antifa protests in London following Conservative landslide win 

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“Tory scum off our streets, Nazi scum off our streets!” shouted left-wing protesters in central London.

Around a thousand demonstrators, many masked and holding antifa symbols, poured onto the streets of the British capital to protest the U.K.’s election results. The Conservatives won in a landslide election the day before, likely guaranteeing Britain’s withdrawal from the EU at the end of next month. 

The British capital descended into chaos as the Met Police struggled to contain protesters connected to antifa, socialist and communist groups. They had shut down the streets in and around Westminster. They demanded a “revolution” and the ousting of the Conservatives.

Protesters disobeyed police orders and shoved officers who attempted to block them from certain routes. At one point, officers brandished batons at the crowd to get them to comply.

The protesters held anti-Boris Johnson signs distributed by the Socialist Workers Party. Others, wearing masks, brandished antifa flags. 

The on-going chaotic protest echoes left-wing demonstrations-turned-riots in the U.S. after Donald Trump’s electoral win in November 2016.   

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