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BLOC HEAD: Blanchet blames TMX ruling on biased judges
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BLOC HEAD: Blanchet blames TMX ruling on biased judges 

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The leader of the Bloc Quebecois Yves-Francois Blanchet has claimed that Canada’s federal judges are biased towards the Liberal government after their ruling on the TMX pipeline.

“Judges, which incidentally have been named by the federal government, have interpreted Canadian law have interpreted Canadians laws and that clearly Canadian laws say that when the federal government wants something, that’s the thing that’s going to happen whatever provinces may think,” said Blanchet.

Blanchet continued by saying that “this is a preview of what might happen is there comes again this idea of [unintelligible] going through Quebec. Canada is the boss.”

When journalists asked Blanchet whether he was accusing the judges of bias, he said “I am saying that they are nominated by one government … I said nothing else.”

Blanchet’s statements come after the federal courts dismissed an appeal by several Indigenous groups challenging the Liberal government’s approval of the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline.

The dismissal is a big step in the legal battle that has delayed the pipeline project for months. The project, totalled at $7.4 billion, is set to transport nearly one million barrels of Albertan oil per day to British Columbia.

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