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CorpEthics an organization which openly brags about their strategy to “land-lock the tar sands so their crude could not reach the international market where it could fetch a high price” now appears to be making a massive PR u-turn.

Editor’s Note: The Alberta NDP has stated that pipeline delays, including the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, are costing Canadians more than $80 million per day by keeping resources landlocked. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers officially estimates the impact as at least C$13 billion in the first 10 months of 2018.

According to researcher Vivian Krause, CorpEthics has now deleted that passage from their website once the topic was discussed openly on mainstream programs such as Wendy Mesley’s show, and Danielle Smith’s radio broadcast.

Why is the tar sands foundation opposed to Canadian oil?

According to Krause the tar sands group formed around the time of the Iraq war and California energy crisis in 2003-2004 and strategized how to get control of the United States’ domestic energy policy.

It includes clients such as the Rockefeller Foundation and the Hewlett Foundation.

The group also funds the Tides Foundation in San Francisco and the New Venture Fund in Washington, D.C. Yes, the same Tides Foundation which spent $1.5 million in foreign funds on Canadian third-party organizations during the 2015 election.

I think they have four goals, three of which are great: renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy security, that’s all good. But it’s the fourth goal — this idea of keeping Canada out of the global market

For example, while the organization aims to reduce carbon development in Canada, there is no such movement organized for Texas where fracking is common and no carbon tax exists.

“We’ve got to ask themselves, ‘Why Alberta has been singled out, even though it’s the only jurisdiction in the world with a cap on emissions from oilsands, the only place with a carbon tax as it is, and even though the province has created a very large boreal forest reserve? Why is there is there still a campaign against Alberta?” Krause said.

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