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Big tech can’t take down Tulsi Gabbard
Tulsi Gabbard

Big tech can’t take down Tulsi Gabbard 

For a while after the debate last night, Tulsi tweets were going crazy, but Tulsi Gabbard wasn’t even trending on social media. BBC boldly declared Joe Biden the victor of the debates despite his near-comatose performance. The New York Times was certain that Cory Booker somehow won, placing Tulsi in fifth place. After the first Democratic debate in June, Google suspended Tulsi’s ad account, costing her and her fundraising efforts both revenue and attention. She’s currently suing the platform.

There are those in the field who are presumed by media to be capable of winning the nomination, but if there’s anything we learned from the last election, it’s that there is no heir apparent. This race does not have to be about special interests and obvious choices. The media needs to stop assuming that the safe choice will own the day, because politics just doesn’t work like that anymore (despite the fact that the money still flows that way).

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