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The wealthiest man on earth presented his plan to go to space in order to “benefit the earth.”

The founder of both Amazon and Blue Origin opened his presentation by pointing out the limited amount of energy as well as other resources available on earth.

Mr. Bezos revealed his plan on Thursday to get the U.S. back to the moon, with help from its new Blue Moon lunar lander, expecting to become a provider of hardware to NASA by 2024.

The Moon lander is a reusable vehicle which will carry scientific instruments, satellites and rovers. It comes loaded with enough fuel to get from Earth to the Moon.

Currently, Blue Origin aims to land on the south pole of the moon and mine ice deposits found in craters. These deposits could be broken into hydrogen which could then be used as fuel for future spacecraft.

While most have responded to the announcement with praise, space competitor and meme necromancer Elon Musk tweeted out following the event that Bezos should “stop teasing.”

Musk is likely making a tongue in cheek response pointing to the low-lack of success for first time flights, something Musk personally has experience with.

In 2017, for example, he released a video compilation of all the failed SpaceX attempts to land a rocket.

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