According to Gary Ng over at iPhone in Canada, “the federal government is set to revamp its broadcast and telecommunications law and recently held a public consultation into the matter, with various Canadian broadcasters sending their submissions.”

Most of these submissions were kept under lock and key. The public could not see what these broadcasters had in mind.

Thank god for the Access to Information Act.

Ng reports that “Ottawa Law Professor, Dr. Michael Geist, filed an Access to Information Act request to obtain submissions from telecom companies and has shared Bell’s submission publicly for the first time, ‘for research and news reporting purposes.'”

It turns out that Bell has some interesting aspirations for government regulation. They want the feds to regulate Netflix, Amazon and other U.S. services.

Ng reports that “even in an era where one expects companies to argue in their self-interest, the Bell submission is shocking in the risks it posses to virtually all stakeholders in the Canadian communications world.”

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