Lee Lowrie, the B.C. woman who challenged a forced breathalyzer by the RCMP, has won in court. Lowrie said, “It was like living in a communist country with no rights. Truly, I felt violated.”

The forced breathalyzer was administered to Lowrie in her home by the RCMP as part of the new drunk driving laws implemented by Trudeau’s Liberals.

According to Global, “Lee Lowrie says she was recently at her sister’s home in Maple Ridge when she received a call from the RCMP stating they had a very personal issue they needed to speak to her directly about. She assumed it was a family emergency and invited them into the home.”

Lowrie stopped on the way to have lunch and a cocktail. She then proceeded to her home where she claims she consumed more alcohol. The RCMP then forced her to have a breathalyzer, suspended her licence and impounded her car.

The Trudeau government’s roadside provision allows the RCMP to force breathalyzers on citizens despite any signs of impairment.

They may also enter a citizen’s home two hours after they had been driving.

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