Premier Jason Kenney has been threatening to “turn off the taps” on B.C. and people are losing their minds. With gas prices already hovering around $1.80 a litre, ordinary families are having a hard time getting by.

Speaking to Lynda Steele, on Global News Radio, B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver came up with a controversial solution to the predicament B.C. finds itself in. Weaver claimed he has received very few complaints about the high gas prices. He went on to say that ordinary British Columbians should explore other options for their daily commute.

Weaver suggested that the good people of B.C. should just take out a home equity loan in order to purchase an electric car.

Listeners were understandably outraged that a political leader would advise hard working, working class people to take on more debt in order to secure a luxury vehicle as a strategy to combat high gas prices. The very notion is absurd.

One listener exclaimed, “Give your head a shake.”

Another listener, and first time caller, suggested that Weaver should get out in the real world and go to work, challenging him to drive from Chilliwack to UBC everyday.

You can listen to the whole debacle here:

What do you think about Weaver’s suggestion? Should working people take out loans for electric cars?