Alberta restaurants are hopeful the next provincial government will introduce policies that will help the food service industry.

A recent survey showed that over one in three food service businesses in Alberta were considered closing up shop if the conditions and realities of running a restaurant in the province didn’t improve.

Taxes, policy changes and a weak economy were cited as reasons running a restaurant in Alberta is difficult at the moment.

The survey also found that 94 percent of restaurants increased their menu price, 88 per cent decreased staff hours and 46 percent laid off staff.

Restaurants Canada shared 16 policy recommendations with Alberta’s four biggest parties in hopes that they would be incorporated into their platforms.

When it comes to labour, the United Conservative Party says it would keep the minimum wage at $15, but introduce a Youth Job Creation Wage of $13.00 per hour for workers 17 or younger.

Meanwhile the Liberal Party would “undertake a thorough stakeholder consultation to update Employment Standards and Labour Relations Code” and “revert to previous statutory holiday pay rules.”

For reducing small business costs and cutting red tape, the NDP’s solution is more government by creating “a Small Business Investment Office to streamline small business regulation and support new and growing businesses.”

The United Conservatives say they would, “review all regulations as part of the UCP Red Tape Reduction Action Plan, with the goal of reducing the regulatory burden on job creators by one third” and “cut provincial regulations and paperwork for municipalities and ensure municipalities pass along savings to taxpayers.”

For taxes, the NDP, UCP and Alberta Party say they will not introduce a provincial sales tax.

While the Liberals would lower corporate income tax from 12 percent to 10 percent, the UCP would lower it to 8 percent.

The UCP also plans to eliminate the carbon tax entirely. The Alberta Party says they would “exempt small businesses from paying carbon tax” and “eliminate the carbon tax for municipalities.”

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