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Art is often made by bad people. Get over it
Art is often made by bad people. Get over it

Art is often made by bad people. Get over it 

The premise of Roxane Gay’s latest missive in Marie Claire, that “we can no longer worship at the altar of creative genius while ignoring the price all too often paid for that genius,” is entirely flawed. Gay’s argument is based on the Cosby problem, wherein an artist who is loved, whose work is loved, turns out to be a bad guy. Cosby is not the only one, of course. This is happening with Michael Jackson, as well, and unless things change, it will continue to happen, over and over again. But while the legacy of an artist may be tarnished by their poor or exploitative behaviour, the work itself must be allowed to stand alone.

The 21st Century demands that artists, entertainers, and public figures be exemplary in all areas of their life or have their work as well as themselves erased or substantially downgraded in terms of cultural importance. The problem with this is that great art is not easily made. There’s this idea circulating, complete with stupid meme, that says “there is no abusive ‘genius’ who could not be replaced by someone who isn’t shitty.”

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