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Are gas prices leading to an increase in fuel theft?
Canadian News

Are gas prices leading to an increase in fuel theft? 

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Police in the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA) are reporting what might be a “gas crime wave”.

Currently gas prices in the GVA are nearing a record high of $1.79 per litre and the province’s NDP Premier, John Horgan is not taking any responsibility for the trend.

Currently, British Columbia has a carbon tax which amounts to a 35-cent per litre levy on gasoline.

One incident of gas theft was caught on camera in Surrey, British Columbia.

Local resident Tapinder Tiwana returned to his home from vacation to find that somebody had siphoned out gasoline from his gas tank after drilling a hole into it.

“I put $130 gas in it. I come home, hit the Golden Ears Bridge, I notice there’s half a tank of gas left in my tank. So I’m thinking something’s going on. Sure enough, three-eighths of an inch hole in my gas tank,” said Tiwana.

“Now our vehicle has to be repaired and we need to pay the deductible, all for $50 to $75 worth of gas these guys took away.”

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