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Anti-Semitic killers had bomb capable of killing ‘five football fields away’
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Anti-Semitic killers had bomb capable of killing ‘five football fields away’ 

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The head of the New Jersey FBI has confirmed that the bomb found in the van of the two alleged domestic terrorists had the potential to kill or seriously injure people “up to five football fields away.”

The FBI head, who is also a New Jersey attorney, also confirmed that there was substantial material in the vehicle that could have been used to make a second bomb.

The attack, which played out on December 10 in Jersey City, took the lives of four innocent civilians, including police detective Joseph Seals, a father of five.

Seals’ tragic death was the first attack in what became a bloody spree killing, which left the neighbourhood in lockdown.

The majority of the victims were slain inside JC Koshoper Supermarket on MLK Boulevard.

U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito told NBC that Seals’ brave actions “probably saved dozens if not more lives.”

Authorities confirmed that the two suspects, Francine Graham and David Anderson, had done substantial research on the Jewish community center in Bayonne, though no further detail was given regarding their overall plan. The FBI did confirm, though, that the attack was targetted against the Jewish community, as well as law enforcement.

A next-door kosher supermarket was also cased out by the pair, who were heavily armed.

Weapons linked to the two included an AR-15 type assault rifle, a shotgun, a semiautomatic firearm, and a handgun. A fifth customized weapon was later discovered in a U-Haul, which also contained pipe bombs.

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