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Less than a week after a man escaped Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) custody, boarded a plane, and left Canada, another man escaped the downtown facility.

According to the Toronto Sun, 27-year-old Ahmed Sualim had gone missing from the area as Toronto Police frantically searched. The incident occurred at 10:30 am.

Sualim suffers from schizophrenia catalyzed by illegal drug use and treatment noncompliance. He was held in the CAMH facility’s forensic unit for inmates found “Not Criminally Responsible” (NCR) for criminal offences.

Toronto Police had labelled this incident as a “public safety concern.”

However, later that evening at around 6 pm, Sualim was re-arrested.

Sualim has a history of multiple escape attempts.

Much like Sualim, another man escaped the facility a short while ago. Zhebin Cong is believed to have boarded a plane to his native country, China after he was provided with an unescorted day pass on July 3. Cong was found NCR for the 2014 killing of his roommate.

An Ontario Review Board report from April 2019 shows that Sualim was held on a detention order at CAMH from 25 April 2018. This occurred after he was found NCR for multiple armed robberies in 2012.