Either people have too much time on their hands or they are too heavily invested in television. According to CTV News, over 360,000 Game of Throne fans signed a petition for the show’s final season to be remade.

Dylan D, the angry fan, who formed and leads the petition, is blaming the show’s writers for what he considers an inability to properly conclude the story.

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are found to be responsible for subjectively manipulating the story line after moving away from its original source.

It was my understanding that writers were those who dictated the plot of their respective creations. But, since mob rule has begun uprooting society, it is no surprise that this disgruntled group of fans esteem themselves to be of such high importance.

We live in a time of hypersensitivity, microaggressions. Where lawless nobodies like Antifa try to dominate mainstream culture. However, a petition pressuring for the remaking of a show is simply an act of unhinged folly.


Unsurprisingly, the petition was not immune from criticism. Although it received many signatures, it also drew widespread blowback, with people calling it a result of over-entitlement and stupidity.