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All free nations must stand together against Communist China
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All free nations must stand together against Communist China 

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When the New York Times praises U.S. President Donald Trump — even in an opinion piece, you know something bigger is going on.

In a recent article, NY Times columnist Roger Cohen discussed the threat posed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, and noted that Trump has recognized and responded to the threat: “Trump was right to recognize the threat and respond, however erratically. Xi is not the god of some new rules-based order, as he was anointed at Davos in 2017,” says Cohen.

“He is a threat to liberty, as helmeted Hong Kongers facing down tear gas and growing repression have recognized. Xi believes in the sacredness of the Chinese Communist Party, not the sacredness of the individual. He also believes, on the evidence, that Chinese money can buy 21st-century international acquiescence to a new order.”

Cohen goes on to say “The president’s statement linking a trade deal and the Hong Kong demonstrations — ‘It would be very hard to deal if they do violence. I mean, if it’s another Tiananmen Square,— I think it’s a very hard thing to do if there’s violence’ — was perhaps his finest hour.”

Cohen makes a good point here. Whether people like Trump or not, the reality is that he is the first Western leader in a long-time to recognize the threat posed by China’s leadership, and take actual steps to confront that threat.

And now, the rest of the Western world, and all free nations, must stand together against what is increasingly our common enemy of Communist China.

The scale of China’s ambitions, their population, and the fascist ruthlessness of their Communist government require a unified response from all nations that believe in freedom.

That will require setting aside our obsession with the daily moves of the stock market, and even accepting some economic sacrifice. We can’t let our desire for cheap goods from China, or our greed for more ‘trade deals’ blind us from the danger posed by China’s potential dominance.

Our core values, and our belief in the dignity and freedom of the individual is something that China’s leadership simply doesn’t share, and is in fact opposed to.

If we fail to confront China, and if we let the establishment politicians and corporatists sell out our values for a quick buck, then our world could be dominated by a ruthless Communist regime. That would be a nightmarish scenario, and it cannot be allowed to happen. Just as the Western world has stood together against fascism and communism in the past, so must we do again.

And while Canadian politicians may love virtue-signalling with their opposition to Trump, we must never forget that we will always have more in common with our American brothers and sisters than we will with Communist China.

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