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Alberta to hold referendum if pipeline not built
Jason Kenney

Alberta to hold referendum if pipeline not built 

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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has declared that if the Trans Mountain Pipeline is not built by Trudeau’s government, he will hold a referendum on ending equalization payments.

The comment comes after Liberal Procurement Minister Carla Qualtrough suggested that equalization payments were on the table for discussions, according to Global News:

“We want to make sure everyone is being treated equally and fairly, and if people aren’t feeling like they’re being treated that way, then, of course, we are going to have to have these really important conversations.”

While many in Alberta are opposed to the equalization payments since Alberta hasn’t properly recovered from the 2014 oil price slump, Alberta receives billions of dollars in other payments from the federal government.

Kenney has long demanded a change to the equalization payment process. He believes provinces that are hit with economic slumps could use the money for themselves instead of equalization.

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