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Alberta to be hit with 10 cm of snow. It’s June, by the way.

Alberta to be hit with 10 cm of snow. It’s June, by the way. 

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Ah, June. It’s the month where summer begins, and we can say officially say goodbye to cold days, and welcoming warm days with open arms.

Unless you’re in Alberta, of course. Yesterday, the fine people in Alberta had to deal with a storm that hit them with not just some run of the mill storm, but one that pelted them with hail and threatened flooding.

Environment Canada has now issued a snowfall warning (!!!) for parts of Alberta, with large parts of the province under a rainfall warning, with some parts expecting up to 10 centimetres of snow.

If you haven’t checked the calendar for a while, you may not know that it’s already June 19th. Alberta, you are currently on fire, flooding, and freezing all at once. I’m sure it’s nothing though.

The hail in Alberta is also nothing to scoff at. The hailstorm was labelled “severe” due to the sheer size of the hail, which some photos reveal to be the size of nickels. Some areas have even reached golf-ball sized hail, as the storm continues to move east in Saskatchewan.

Alberta, we know things are rough. Just hang in there, and surely, at some point, you will get a full week of summer.

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