About Us

About Us

A letter from the co-founders

To Our Readers,

The Canadian government grows in importance every day.

This potential for overreach impacts Canadians of every race, ethnicity, and creed.

At The Post Millennial, our mission is simple: To accurately and adequately report Canadian news events as they unfold and progress, and to share this reporting with as many Canadians and citizens of the World as possible.

Due to our open, honest and straightforward approach to reporting, we like to refer to ourselves as, “Your Reasonable Alternative.”

Every Canadian deserves access to accurate information, whether they’re part of an immigrant family running a small business, or a tenacious oil worker in Alberta.

If you love this country, its unified diversity and the opportunities it provides, we aspire to be your voice.

Your Co-Founders,

Matthew Azrieli, Ali S. Taghva 

About The Post Millennial

Founded in 2017, The Post Millennial has become one of Canada’s fastest growing news corporations. It is owned and operated by the Après le Millénaire / The Post Millennial Corporation, located at 5369 Queen Marie, Montreal, H3X 1V1.

At The Post Millennial, we strive to deliver the news to you as it unfolds, ensuring that you never fall behind on the current or trending news.

With a particular verve for equality in thought, The Post Millennial provides various reports on today’s issues such as Canadian politics, business, local provincial news, analysis coverage and opinion pieces.

To best deliver the news to you, The Post Millennial employs a dedicated team of journalists, podcast hosts, and video creators.


Matthew Azrieli

Matthew is a dynamic self-starter based out of Montreal with a wealth of experience in publishing and management.

Ali Taghva

Ali is based in Toronto and Montreal and specializes in team management, content management, and user growth.

Why and how we report stories

Our process for reporting

We make sure that our sources are verifiable and trustworthy from multiple accounts, and gather a substantial amount of information before we place something online. Before each story we ultimately publish we ask ourselves: Is this story newsworthy? Are we telling the whole story? Are our sources reputable, credible, and transparent? How can we be informative and fair? Only after we are satisfied that we have created something worth publishing and had it reviewed by editors do we publish the piece.

A lot of news companies won’t admit this, but we make mistakes sometimes. Sometimes we found out something that we thought was true was utterly false. Sometimes we write something that could have had more poise. Sometimes we aren’t as unbiased as we’d like. We’ve grown a lot since we were founded and continue to work on our journalism skills in an effort to be the best reporters that we can be. We don’t take reporting the news lightly, it colours how people see important issues and can be a medium that enhances community or divides it. Our goal is to inform people of what is happening in their communities and strengthen the bond between people when they agree and to encourage thought-proking dialogue when they disagree.

Meet The Team

Meet the team that is responsible for delivering the news to you. Our team has many lifetimes’ worth of combined experience in the news and publishing industry. We pride ourselves on our outstanding team and thank our readers for their continued commitment to our Canadian news coverage.

Click on a team member’s name to visit their unique page and see things like their bio, contact information, and of course their columns.

Editing Team

The editors who tenaciously make sure our news is legible, factual and ready to publish.

Past contributions

Our team of journalists, freelancers, and content submitters all contribute greatly in defining The Post Millennial message.