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A modern Samurai’s war on anti-Semitism
A modern Samurai’s war on anti-Semitism

A modern Samurai’s war on anti-Semitism 

I sat down with Reverend Zenji Nio, the only man in North America to officially be knighted as a Samurai, to discuss this Thursday’s Holocaust memorial event he is organizing on behalf of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Yom HaShoah. It is set to be a first of its kind event as it gathers in 20 leaders from different faiths for a public prayer service and memorial for the victims of the Holocaust.

Interfaith events don’t appeal to everyone. As Zenji Nio says they tend to mostly produce “Kumbaya platitudes” that help perpetuate an “ostrich mentality.” Instead, he believes in using the Samurai mentality to combat anti-Semitism.

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