According to a Nanos poll conducted for CTV, a majority of Canadians are expressing worry about the rising cost of gasoline.

The poll was conducted over the phone and online and included around 1,000 Canadians in the results.

The CTV News commissioned survey shows that 38 percent of those polled are worried about the rising cost of gas, while 32 percent are somewhat worried.

In total 70 percent of Canadians are expressing some level of concern about the costs.

Several places throughout Canada have experienced high gas prices. For example, in Vancouver gas prices spiked all the way up to 178.9/ litre last month.

Fuel prices have been leading Canadians to consider an alternative like investing in fuel-economic vehicles or reducing the amount they drive this summer.

Thirty-six percent believe that Canadians are somewhat likely to drive less because of gas prices, while 22 percent don’t believe this will be the case.

The survey also questioned Canadians on the carbon tax with a majority of those polled believing that the carbon tax is at least a somewhat ineffective measure.

Thirty-six percent claimed that it is ineffective, while 19 percent claimed it was somewhat ineffective.

With such a high proportion of Canadians worried about fuel prices, it will be extremely interesting to see how the carbon tax plays out in the coming federal election.

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