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159 truck convoy sets out from Alberta to protest Trudeau government

159 truck convoy sets out from Alberta to protest Trudeau government 

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After months of rallies across Alberta, a protest convoy made up of 159 trucks left Red Deer, Alberta early Thursday morning for a four-day drive to Ottawa.

The “United We Roll” convoy is expected to arrive next Tuesday for a three day rally.

According to CTV, the group has given an open invitation to Yellow Vest protesters to join the convoy.

The convoy aims to make a statement. Many of the protestors specifically disagree with the legislation put forward by Bill C-69 and Bill C-48.

According to the Trudeau Liberals, Bill C-69 is meant to revamp and streamline the country’s system for approving industrial projects.

Opponents fear the opposite will occur, as the new law would lift limits on who can participate in the assessment process and create an early-phase consultation with Indigenous communities and anyone else who could be impacted by a project.

Bill C-48, on the other hand, would prohibit tankers carrying crude oil from loading or unloading at ports in northern British Columbia, according to the CBC, formalizing a similar voluntary ban that has been in place in the region for the past 20 years.

Opponents fear it could kill off a potential international shipping route for Canada’s energy products.

For those interested in tracking the developments of Bill C-69 and Bill C-48, the Parliament of Canada’s website has more information. Check the progress of Bill C-69 here, and Bill C-48 here.

This story will be updated as the convoy continues onwards to Ottawa.

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