According to internal federal documents, there is a backlog of 11,745 illegal migrants who have yet to receive a full security screening.

Once migrants cross the border into Canada they receive an initial search, identification check and interviews but then are released freely into Canada.

The second screening check is necessary before the individuals get approved for refugee status.

Border security minister Bill Blair confirmed in parliament that 41 per cent of cases in the backlog have not received a full screening.

The minister assures us that “there is no security threat to Canadians”.

With the backlog continuing to grow, the question is whether this will be the new norm?

Do Canadians have to accept a reality where people flowing into their country might be a potential security risk?

The number of people who have gone unscreened has increased by 700 per cent since two years earlier.

According to estimates, applicants have to wait an average of 72 days for the secondary screenings to be completed. The longest wait time for a screening to have taken was a whopping total of 872 days.

With numbers like that, individuals could be within the country for over 2 years before anybody finds out if they’re a national threat or not.

Clearly the Liberal government is not serious about properly screening individuals flowing over the Canada-US border because they aren’t taking any steps to clear the backlog efficiently and properly.